As we strive for cleaner vacuum environments, the foreline trap when used in conventional roughing or backing lines, virtually eliminates oil back-streaming from rotary pumps.
Suitable for use with molecular sieve or activated alumina- depending on water vapour load.
Activated Alumina is used in systems where there is higher water content than normal as, due to its highly porous structure, Alumina is better at trapping water vapour than a Molecular sieve.
The Trap body is the same as the Ambient Copper Foreline Trap with the only difference being the charge and charge canister. Therefore the traps can be charged with metal mesh, molecular sieve or alumina.
Activated alumina has a very long lifespan, and is unreactive to acids, so will not need to be replaced as often to other filters.

TMT25 Ambient Foreline Traps

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with KF25 Flanges
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Size NW25
DimA 178
DimB 87
DiaD 101.6