When installed and used correctly, in conventional roughing or backing lines, this foreline trap will essentially eliminate oil backstreaming once the limiting pressure of the rotary pump is reached. The traps are supplied with a charge of molecular sieve, made of silicon and alumina atoms, which adsorbs molecules with diameters below 10 angstroms, including rotary pump oils. As the charge gets saturated with water vapour or other molecules, it will need to be regenerated. A regeneration cartridge heater is also included to regenerate the sieve. For fail safe regeneration, it is recommended that an isolation valve be fitted on the system side of the trap. Scanwel has considerable experience building backing and roughing lines, including fast pump down trap bypass roughing lines.

T-UHV-FT-KF16 UHV Foreline Trap

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An all welded Stainless steel construction, with KF16 Flanges
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Size NW16
DimA 175
DimB 130
DimC 180
DiaD 100