Conflat Flange Components

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  • - The Scanwel range of CF components conform to ISO3669 and ISO9803-2
  • - CF flanges mate with any conflat style flanges
  • - Full range of fixed, rotatable and tapped available
  • - Self centring with precision 2mm OFHC copper gasket
  • - All sizes available with metric tapped bolts holes, UNF to order
  • - Complete range of double sided equal and reducer flanges
  • - Manufactured from low inclusion 304 stainless steel as standard, 316L and 316LN available
  • - Two diametrically opposed machined leak detection grooves included on all flanges
  • - Temperature range : -196ºC to +450ºC
  • - Pressure range : Atmosphere to <10-13mbar
  • - Non standard and US sizes to order
  • - Scanwel stock viewports, feedthoughs and other vacuum components

CF Flange Connection

Assembly Procedure
1- Locate copper gasket in flange knife edge recess.
2- Locate mating CF flange to secure gasket.
3- Attach all nuts, bolts and washers.
4- Hand tighten all bolts.
5-Tighten nuts evenly and gradually, working in diametrically opposed pairs as shown in red.

CF Flange Orientation