UHV Portable Pumping System

UHV Portable Pumping System

Design Concept
This UHV system was built to meet the requirements of our customer for research and development in xhv conditions.

The vacuum schematics dictated the system design. Refer to the diagram opposite.
Once the 3D model was complete, a detailed assembly drawing was generated for customer approval prior to manufacture. A rendered virtual representation of the complete system in the form of a video clip enabled the customer “committee” to quickly visualise the system and details


The Chamber has two banks of ports situated radially around the chamber.
The first bank is for the pumping and Gauging.
The second bank is for the sample experiment.
On the one end there is a 4 ported cluster flange, all ports focused on the second bank of ports.
As in most chambers we fit surplus ports to the initiall stated requirements
All CF114 ports were gusseted for strength, as the bottom port supports the whole chamber and to the second larger port we are attaching a 40l/s ion pump.
The chamber is finished in a fine bead blast finish, as opposed to our standard polished finish, owing to the chambers compactness; Scanwel find that this finish tends to be more resilient to staining when baked.

The chamber is isolated from the uhv turbo based throughput pumping set by a gate valve mounted on a header vessel that has two auxiliary ports that may be used for pumping future system expansion options.

The system is fitted with 3 manual gas bleed valves in an expandable manifold.
The gas manifold is isolated or evacuated by the turbo pumping group through our all metal fully bakeable valve.
Gasses enter the main chamber through a manually operated sapphire sealed leak valve.


The system has a detachable heating frame, tent and heater supplied by Hemi Heating.

All system components are bakeable to 250°C which is provider by a 2.5kW fan heater.

The tent is 28mm thick, constructed from 4x7mm layers of Nomex insulation with PTFE coated fiberglass fabric outer and inner layers. The tent consists of three foldaway able pieces and secured to each other over the extruded aluminum frame via high temperature velcro. One side panel of the tent has a dedicated pocket to accommodate a fan heater with overtemperature protection.

Controls and Gauging
The system is monitored by a MKS 937 multiple gauge controller with enhanced Pirani and inverted magnetron gauges.
The pressure at uhv can be monitored more accurately by the Small Pump Controller (SPC). The SPC has a list of features including set points that can be used to trigger external devices or for safety features.
A PID Temperature controller is mounted on the right of the front panel to control the above sytem bakeout temeprature.