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System Kits and Packages


Often vacuum users / scientists / experimentalists find themselves in the unenviable position of having / wishing to construct or modify a system, but for reasons of budget/ complicity/ confidentiality/ not being able to make a single large system purchase order.  Scanwel often supplies extensive kits of parts to cover some or all of the requirements leaving the builder to only worry about one or two key elements.


A typical package usually includes a chamber, valves, feedthroughs (optical, electrical and motion), standard and bespoke hardware, and some or all of the pumps and gauges.
Usually the frame and support is sourced internally, but often we are involved in some but not all of the design issues.


As a system builder since 1974  and the UK’s leading distributor of Ion Pumps since 1990, Scanwel has acquired considerable expertise in the suitability and selection of fore and high vacuum throughput pumps, ion getter pumps and associated TSP and NEG technologies to HV, UHV & XHV applications in:


• accelerators, beam lines and end stations
• sealed devices such as x-ray tubes, TWTs, Klystrons and detectors
• surface analysis, surface science, mass spectrometry and outgassing
• uhv deposition, MBE, sputtering and ion assisted processes
• plasma physics, optical pumping, atom/ ion trapping
• electron gun columns in SEMS, TEMS and lithography


Today Scanwel applies that knowledge to provide cost effective solutions to end users and o.e.m.s in academia, government laboratories and industry.
We take into account often conflicting issues such as pumping speed, gas species, (noble gases, hydrogen, metals, hydrocarbons), life time/ capacity. Simply contact us to tell us your requirements and we will be able to configure a suitable package.

Since 1990 we have provided a refurbishment and rebuilding service for ion pumps, power supplies, high voltage cables and connectors, and we are proud of our ability to rebuild almost any manufacturers ion pump.

We source original or quality equivalent spare parts, including High-Voltage Feedthroughs, Elements, Magnets, and Ceramics and re-process using the best techniques that we have developed for that pump.