Scanwel Leak Detectors

Leak Detectors

A Leybold UL200 Leak detector is setup in partial flow mode and mounted to a custom stainless steel trolley.
The trolley has a electrical and a spares cabinet built into the top deck for easy access.


This system is fitted with a complete electrical cabinet to meet the requirements of the nuclear industry.

The backing pump is mounted to the lower deck of the trolley for compactness and stability. This pump provides high through put for roughing large vessels.

This compact Leak Detector trolley is fitted with a Leybold UL200.
The frame is mild steel and fitted with a rigidised stainless steel work top.
A custom chamber is mounted to the top, in which the component is placed that is to be leak checked. The component in this case contains helium. The chamber remains at atmospheric pressure, and is sniffed via a heated capillary tube.