Scanwel Vacuum and Process Applications

Fully Automated System

This system illustrates Scanwel’s wealth of experience in many vacuum and process applications, delivering on time and on budget a system with the following features:

  • Manual, computer and remote control of the complete system
  • Recipe driven pump down and back fill routines
  • Monitored clean fast pumping groups and gauging
  • Moveable and focusable differentially pumped 125keV electron gun
  • Integrated leak detection
  • Detachable 1m large chambers on a railway carriage
  • 500mm diameter viewing ports
  • 6 gas inlet system with mixing chamber and high flow MFCs
  • Moveable (500mm) Langmuir and invacuo screen probes
  • Large area & high current Faraday cup
  • Bakeable RGA with hot and cold sniffer & high conductance modes


The system is controlled via a local or remote PC and constantly monitored by a PLC.
Opposite is the main PC user interface. The complete system state can be monitored at just a glance. The PC interface has 3 modes, automated, manual and super user

Automated Mode
The user can load previously saved recipes to restore a system state or produce a new recipe to get to a specific pressure of a required gas mix.

Manual Mode
The user has full manual control of the system and may activate or stop a feature by clicking on the screen icon. The PLC, where all the safety features are hard wired, will only honor the PC request if it is “safe” to do so.

Super User Mode
User has full control of system and PLC safety is disabled