Scanwel Custom Development Test Rig

Development Test Rig

This system was designed to enable our customer to test and development of television technology for the future.

The component to be tested had over 1000 electrical pad connections that were 50 microns apart. Scanwel developed a in vacuum quick release and alignment jig that would mate the electrical connections to the kapton® ribbon cable. The Kapton® cables passed between the chamber and the lid. A vacuum seal was achieved by compressing two sets of double o-rings, top and bottom of the the kapton®cable and differentially pumping the volume
between the o-rings.

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The system had an electrical distribution panel that allowed the user to add additional electrical components to the system safely.
On this side we had all the system controls and electrical distribution panel and on the other side of the system we fitted a 19″ rack for the users electrical equipment.