Nanonis SPM, AFM, STM Control systems, Oscillation controllers

Nanonis Retrofittable SPM, AFM, STM Control systems, Oscillation controllers, Quantum Transport Measurement Systems

Nanonis has an established reputation for SPM controllers and many STM and AFM users have already converted to the system. Adaptation is possible for STM and AFM systems from all the major manufacturers. The Nanonis controllers offer superior functionality as well as providing the option for serious customisation and integration of other instruments using the LabVIEW interface.

Nanonis product line

Base Package

The base package provides all the functions for fundamental SPM applications, in particular STM and contact mode AFM. From signal conditioning and AD/DA conversion to FPGA and real-time signal processing and graphical user-interface, the Nanonis Base Package provides a complete framework that can be adapted and extended with a wide range of add-on modules.

Base Package: Realtime Controller, Signal Conversion unit and Nanonis software.

Quantum Transport

The Nanonis Tramea™ quantum transport measurement system offers a novel and superior approach to transport measurements. It provides a measurement speed increase of up to 1000x compared to conventional measurement systems, superior performance in a smaller footprint, plenty of signals and a powerful and customizable user interface for today’s and tomorrow’s most sophisticated scientific research.

Oscillation Controller

The Oscillation Controller (OC4) adds dynamic and multifrequency AFM capabilities to the Nanonis controller. The z-feedback can regulate on any signal coming from the mechanical resonator with any predefined SafeTip™ conditions. Imaging modes include among others: non-contact AFM, intermittent contact mode, phase imaging, dissipation. With an input bandwidth of 5MHz, the OC4 can operate any type of cantilever, tuning fork, needle sensors, etc. and their harmonics. It is also perfect as a digital lock-in and signal analyzer (FFT) up to 5 MHz and can be further extended for Kelvin probe applications or customized in LabVIEW with the Nanonis Programming Interface.

Dual Oscillation Controller

While a topographical AFM image is usually acquired with the first resonance frequency of the cantilever, a myriad of additional information such as electrical and mechanical properties of the material can be acquired simultaneously by taking advantage of multiple excitation frequencies. With the Nanonis Oscillation Controller it is now easier than ever to extend normal AFM operation to multiple excitation frequencies. Both the OC4.5-Station and the Nanonis SPM Control System can easily be upgraded to Dual OC4. The modularity of such a system allows the user to operate each OC4 as either a Lock-in amplifier or a Phase Lock Loop (PLL), independently or in a synchronous manner. A wealth of new dynamic AFM modes become available with many new SPM applications to explore.

Add-on Modules

Mathematical Lock-in Detector Module

  • Modulates any signal up to 40kHz
  • Demodulates any signal up to 100 kHz (r, phi and X, Y)
  • 2 independent demodulators
  • Advanced signal filtering
  • Record transfer functions (bode plots)

Programming Interface

  • Develop and automate new experiments in LabVIEW
  • Programmatically control all Nanonis modules
  • Many examples ready for use

Scripting Module

  • Real-time execution of user-defined functions over customizable scripts
  • 20 kHz loop-rate
  • Integration with the Programming Interface

High-resolution oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer

  • Acquire time-resolved data with up to 1 MS/s and 1 million points
  • High input resolution (18-bit)
  • Oversampling of up to 1024x for long-term measurements
  • 500’000-point FFT
  • Pre-triggering and continuos data saving

Function Generator

  • Generate any custom periodic waveform with a frequency of 0.5 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Single-shot operation possible
  • High resolution of generated signal (20-bit)
  • Suitable for piezo-motor waveforms

Atom-Tracking Module

  • Track local maximum dynamically
  • Automatic drift compensation

Kelvin Probe Controller Module

  • Compensates for the contact potential difference
  • Simultaneous topographic imaging
  • Highly accurate as a result of frequency modulation
  • AM-Kelvin Probe in combination with dual-OC4

Generic PI Controller

  • Controls on any signal
  • DC and AC mode

Interferometer Controller Module

  • Controls fiber distance to best working point
  • Automatic calibration with laser wavelength
  • Fabry-Pérot calibration mode
  • Works in either open or closed loop mode

Piezo Drivers for SPM applications

Low-noise high-voltage amplifiers are an important part of a successful SPM set-up. Check out the Nanonis electronics specially designed for SPM applications.

High-Voltage Amplifier HVA4

  • 6-channel high voltage amplifier
  • 4 gain settings with digital read-back
  • Noise of below 80μVrms (0-2kHz)

Piezo Motor Driver PMD4

  • 6-channel high voltage amplifier
  • 4 gain settings with digital read-back
  • Noise of below 80μVrms (0-2kHz)

Adaptation Kits

A range of adaptation kits are available to provide a direct interface between the Nanonis control electronics and microcopes from SPECS, Omicron, Veeco, RHK, JEOL, Unisoku, CreaTec and many others. If an adaptation kit for your microscope is not listed, please ask.