Kimball Physics Multi-CF Vacuum Chambers, Ion Guns, Electron Guns

Kimball Physics product line

Electron Gun Systems

Kimball Physics is a key supplier of electron guns designed for use in a wide variety of ultra high vacuum (UHV) surface physics, space physics, and processing applications. Guns can be focusable for small spot size, for use in applications such as x-ray production, welding and RHEED; or for flood beams, for use in charge neutralization, electron beam scrubbing, space simulation and radiation damage studies.


Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ vacuum chambers and mounting hardware are particularly advantageous in UHV applications where there are spatial constraints and where a high density of experimental apparatus is required. Multi-CF™ vacuum chambers improve UHV performance with highly polished surfaces, contoured interiors and minimal welds. Multi-CF™ mounting hardware is standardized and interchangeable to save time and to ensure experimental set-ups can be assembled easily and reproduced accurately.




Ion Guns

Kimball Physics ion gun systems, or ion sources, are used for surface physics, space physics, vacuum physics, charge neutralization, detection calibration, secondary ion mass spectrometry and ion injection for MBE.



Kimball Physics designs and manufactures two types of particle detectors: Faraday cups and phosphor screens.
The basic Faraday cups are stand alone units with no moving parts and are intended to be mounted in the vacuum system. A number of different types of mechanically or pneumatically actuated Faraday cups are available; most of these mount directly on the housing of electron guns, for direct sampling of the beam.

Cathodes – Emitters

Kimball Physics emitters provide a reliable source of electrons or ions for use in a variety of instruments including microscopy, lithography, x-ray generation, free electron lasers, electron accelerators, and other custom applications. Other applications include Kimball Physics electron guns and ion guns.

eV Parts

eV Parts are a group of 350+ standardized parts that save time and money in construction of all types of surface physics and high vacuum apparatus. eV Parts are made of high quality materials and designed for maximum flexibility. Parts are manufactured to standard dimensions with high tolerances and may be used to modify or add to existing commercial high vacuum apparatus with little effort. Ordinary hand tools are the only additional tools needed to use eV Parts. For permanent applications, a laboratory spot-welder may be used.