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Circular Magnetrons

Angstrom Sciences’ circular magnetrons have become recognized as the new standard of the sputtering industry, because in addition to the advanced features of the Angstrom Advantage™, they offer a host of other performance advantages as well.

  • Versatile, compact design
  • Total power compatibility (RF, DC, pulsed DC, microwave)
  • Standard fittings
  • Full range of sizes
  • Quick, easy target exchange
  • Lower pressure, higher power
  • High rates and performance
  • Greater uniformity

Linear Magntetron

For those who have to coat extremely broad substrates or have to achieve extremely high throughput, Angstrom Sciences linear magnetrons offer the perfect solution.




Cylindrical Magnetrons

Cylindrical Magnetrons have long been trusted in the glass coating industry to create uniform thin films while maximizing target utilization. Now, Angstrom Sciences has created a compact, lightweight, and economical cylindrical magnetron specifically designed to offer these same advantages to Flat Panel Display, Solar Cell, and Web Coating applications.

ONYX Flux Control

Angstrom Sciences is internationally known for the cutting edge technology we bring to magnetron sputtering applications. They have now developed a method to control the plasma across the surface of the target. The ONYX-Φlux Control, (Flux Control) developed for both planar and circular magnetrons, allows the user to maximize uniformity or target utilisation

Custom Magnetrons

Angstrom Sciences offers state-of-the-art magnetrons for virtually any standard sputtering process. But we know that every application is different. That’s why we’ve developed a unique, modular approach that specifically adapts to your specifications.

Angstrom Sciences uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) magnet modelling to custom profile magnetics to your specifications. Whether you need high rate and throughput, high uniformity and target utilization, or a perfect balance between the two, we’ll make sure the Angstrom Advantage™ is optimized for your process.

HIPIMS Magnetron Sputtering

HIPIMS sputtering stands for High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering. This relatively recent advance in pulsed sputtering using very high power, short duration pulses of power to both generate a plasma and ionize a large percentage of the sputtered atoms.

It has been shown that precise control of the intensity of the magnetic field at the target surface is critical for the HIPIMS process for both the reduction of arcing and optimum ionization of the sputtered material.

Angstrom Science has developed solutions for both their circular and linear magnetron product lines that permit the magnetic field to be either varied discretely (though interchangeable magnet sets for internal mount cathodes) or continuously (through magnet pack height adjustments on external mount cathodes).

HIPIMS magnetrons are used for pretreatment of a substrate prior to coating deposition and thin film depositions with high microstructure density.