Agilent Ion Getter Pumps, Titanium Sublimation Pumps, Vacion Pumps

Agilent Ion Pumps product line

Miniature and small VacIon Pumps
The Miniature Vaclon pump is a diode configuration and provides approximately 0.4 l/s of nitrogen pumping speed. The 2 l/s small ion pump is a modified diode configuration designed to enhance starting at low pressure. The 10 l/s pump is a noble gas optimized diode configuration with high efficiency for residual gases such as hydrogen. The pumping speed for noble gases is about 20% of the nominal speed. Modified versions of standard pumps can be provided when different inlet tube lengths, angles, and diameters are required. These pumps can also be customized with different high voltage feedthroughs, body geometries, and pumping cell arrangements.  Special processing and testing procedures are available for customers who have specific requirements.

Medium and Large VacIon Plus Pumps

The Medium and Large VacIon Plus pumps range from Nitrogen pumping speeds of 20 l/s to the brand new 1000 L/s pump. All these pumps are available with Diode, Noble Diode, and StarCell elements. Diode Vaclon Plus pumps are regularly used in general purpose ultra high vacuum (uhv) systems for evacuating electron devices, and in sensitive electron microscopes. Noble Diode Vaclon Plus pumps are used in uhv applications when a gas mixture is being pumped at constant pressure making it ideal for such applications as particle accelerators, synchrotron rings, and surface analysis. The patented StarCell is the only ion pump that handles high amounts of noble gases and hydrogen. It also provides the highest speed and capacity for methane, argon, and helium. The StarCell Vaclon Plus is ideal for applications requiring constant operation at 10-8 mbar or above. Over the years Agilent has become proficient at modifying pumps for specific applications, e.g. the SEM versions of the medium pumps which minimise stray magnetic fields and particle emissions.

Combination VacIon Plus pumps

VacIon Plus Combination Pumps integrate titanium sublimation pumps (TSPs) or non evaporable getter pumps (NEG) to achieve uhv and xhv pressure and provide high water pumping speeds. The TSP or NEG provides high pumping speeds for getterable gases, while the ion pump handles the non-getterable gases such as argon and methane. Combination Pump configurations are available for all the ion pumps. For the large pumps this includes an extra side and/ or bottom-mounted 8” ConFlat flanged port
Both the TSP and NEG can be used within the ion pump or fitted as a separate pumping units. The TSP can also be mounted in a sputter shield, which can be cryocooled. Agilent offers cartridge NEGS and two types of titanium sublimation pumps: filament and titanium ball sources. Filament-type TSP sources can be turned off between sublimations and thereby avoid thermally-induced outgassing. The ball-type sources contain larger amounts of titanium for longer life when operated under conditions that use more titanium, such as higher operating pressures.

Ion Pump Controllers

Agilent provides a full range of ion pump controllers, including the newly introduced single channel control unit IPCMini, 4UHV multichannel control unit, and TSP control unit for titanium sublimation pumps.
The innovative design of new IPCMini ion pump controller with 3.5 inch touch panel enables you to power, control, and monitor ion pumps ranging from 0.2 to 500 L/s. The IPCMini is available in a standard quarter rack.
The 4UHV ion pump controller enables you to power, control, and monitor up to four ion pumps independently, with capacities ranging from 20 to 1000 L/s. With its design for low electrical noise, you have the freedom to eliminate or shrink electrical noise filters in critical applications. The same TSP controller, available in a compact standard half rack can be used to operates both TSP filament cartridges and Mini Ti-Balls.