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Table Top Atomic Force Microscope
For demanding applications

This compact, second generation high resolution table top Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) has all the important features and benefits expected from a light lever AFM. The TT-2 AFM includes a stage, control electronics, probes, manuals, and a video microscope.


Basic Atomic Force Microscope
For routine scanning and education

The B-AFM is a complete system that includes a computer with software, a stage, and control electronics; everything needed for AFM scanning. The electronics are located at the rear of the B-AFM stage, and only a single USB cable is connected between the computer and the stage. For scientists and engineers with bigger ideas than budgets.


Nano-Profiling AFM
For process control and development

The NP-AFM is a nanoprofiler for analysis of features such as surface roughness and metrology of technical samples. Primary applications for the NP-AFM include process development and process control of technical samples.


Standalone AFM
For large samples and industry

The SA-AFM is a flexible AFM for scanning all sizes and shapes of samples. A complete AFM system for life sciences samples, large samples, routine scanning of technical samples, and nanotechnology research. The SA is easily integrated with inverted microscopes.


Life Sciences AFM
For soft-sample applications

The LS-AFM is used in life sciences applications when an inverted optical microscope is required for locating cells or other bio-materials on a surface. The LS-AFM can be retrofitted to almost any inverted optical microscope, or it can be purchased with the AFMWorkshop inverted optical microscope.