Scanwel becomes the UK reseller for Agilent Ion Pumps - Scanwel

Following 30 years working with and repairing ion pumps, Scanwel is pleased to announce that we are now the local distributor in the UK and Ireland for the full range of ion getter pumps and titanium sublimation pumps from Agilent

Varian, now the vacuum products division of Agilent, invented the ion pump in 1957 and today their ion pumps are used in an ever growing range of applications, including:

• accelerators, synchrotrons, beam lines and end stations
• sealed devices such as x-ray tubes, TWTs, Klystrons and detectors
• surface analysis, surface science, mass spectrometry and outgassing
• uhv deposition, MBE, sputtering and ion assisted processes
• plasma physics, optical pumping, atom/ ion trapping
• electron & ion gun columns in SEMS, TEMS, FIB and lithography