SurfaceLab 6.7 software release from IONTOF - Scanwel

SurfaceLab 6.7 has been released today. The new version comes with a multitude of new features and refinements which will further improve the way you work with your instrument and handle your data. A few of the many new options are:

Topmount Navigation
This new feature of the navigation tool allows for automated and safe navigation even on topmounted samples

Line Spectra
The new line spctra view provides a much better overview and allows for arithmetics on spectra.

Full EDR Support for Images
The image client now also fully supports the EDR technolgy and uses the correct attenuation factor for image display.

Oxygen Cluster
SurfaceLab 6.7 fully supports oxygen cluster operation of the gas cluster source.

Hybrid SIMS and SPM Combination
SurfaceLab 6.7 includes full software support for our new Hybrid SIMS and the SPM combination instrument.

The new release is available for download from our download area:
 IONTOF Download Area