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Foreline Traps
Foreline vapour traps are design to protect vacuum systems from oil contamination as a result of back streaming once the rotary pump has reached the molecular flow pressure range.
HV & UHV Traps
HV & UHV Traps are fitted between the system and the high pumping group.
These traps serve two purposes:
They prevent vapour backstreaming and also help to produce a lower system ultimate vacuum as a result of cryogenic pumping.

Foreline Traps
Ambient Alumina Foreline Traps KFTMT
Ambient Copper Foreline TrapsTAT
Foreline UHV TrapsTUHVFT
Liquid Nitrogen Finger TrapsTLNFT

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HV & UHV Traps
LN2 Chevron TrapsTLNCT
LN2 Chevron Traps- Right angleTLNCTR
LN2 High Conductance Shell TrapsTLNST

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