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Viewports - High Vacuum - LF
Observation in vacuum is very important and often the only means to monitor and acquire measurements by external instruments.
Our visible spectrum viewports are constructed from a high quality silicate glass, joined to the stainless steel flange through a matched expansion kovar seal.
Although bake-able, a safe maximum temperature rise across the seal of 2-3° per minute is recommended.   
Covering the viewport with aluminium foil during bakeout helps to achieve, particularly during cool down.  

There are 7 types of Viewports - High Vacuum - LF Available:
 ItemDescriptionPart Code
High Vacuum Viewport- Kodial LFVP63
High Vacuum Viewport- Kodial LFVP100
High Vacuum Viewport- Kodial LFVP160
High Vacuum Viewport- Kodial LFVP250
High Vacuum Viewport- Quartz LFVPQ63
High Vacuum Viewport- Quartz LFVPQ100
High Vacuum Viewport- Quartz LFVPQ160

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