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Gate Valves
Scanwel Gate Valves feature a positive lockover centre mechanism and the valves maintain a closed status in the event of air pressure loss.

The Stainless Steel (304L) body offers one of the smallest interior surface areas in the vacuum valve industry. The body and all major internal components are vacuum furnace brazed at 1100°C at 10¯6 torr ensuring maximum joint integrity.  

Only the most commonly requested valves are listed here;
-Klein (KF) & ISO bolted body flanges with Viton® bonnet seals for HV applications and
-Conflat CF body flanges with copper wire bonnet seals for UHV   
For other flange sizes, types and bonnet seals, please ask for details.  

Gate Valve
Manual Gate Valve LF ISO160 Flanges
Material Options
Stainless Steel (304L) Body.
Size: ISO160
KF Flanges,ISO Bolted Flanges are designed for high vacuum applications specifically when vacuum ranges approximate 10¯9 and bakeout temperatures do not exceed 200°C
Bolted (M8 x 1.25)
 Dim A=144
 Dim B=61
 Dim C=477

Part CodePriceAvailability 
V-GV-HV-LF160M £1,765.002 - 3 weeks

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