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Liquid Feedthroughs Cryogenic Single
Cryogenic feedthroughs are used for the transfer of fluids or gases.
The Cryogenic feedthrough differs from a standard feedthrough as it is constructed with a thermal break and is thus suitable for use with liquid nitrogen and other cryogens.  
•UHV Compatible
•Bakeable to 450° C  
Various other sizes including metric are available.
Tubes may be teminated with the following Fittings
•Male VCR
•Mini CF  
NOTE:A flexible coupling to allow some movement of the tubes during operation & bakeout will help prevent leaks caused by strain placed on the welds due to thermal expansion & contraction.

Single Cryogenic - MVCR
Material Options
Stainless Steel(316L)
Size: NW35
 Dim A=120
 Dim B=80

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CFGAC070-0.375-TT-MVCR £174.25In Stock

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