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LN2 Chevron Traps
Pump and System Flanges In-Line
The first number in the part code denotes the LF (ISO) pump mating flange.  
The suffix indicates the LF or CF system mating flange. Conflat pump mating flanges are common and different sizes and types of opposing flanges, including ISO-F, Edwards EO, ASA & ANSI are often supplied.  
Shown as a red chevron is an optional 1st stage water cooled baffle intended for use with older style diffusion pumps. Other baffles and designs are available. We can help you select the right one for your application.  

Liquid Nitrogen Chevron Traps
Pump and System Flanges In-Line
Size: NW250
 Dim A=285
   Ø D=508

Part CodePriceAvailability 
TLNCT250-CF300 £3,764.002 - 3 weeks

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