ISO Type Flange Components
The Scanwel range of LF components conform to the ISO 1609/3669 based on earlier
  PNEUROP 6606, DIN28 404 and BS4767 standards
Complete range of clamp type and fixed flanges available, including rotatable outer rings.
Stainless fittings manufactured from 316L as standard.
Welded components leak tested to better than 10-10 mbar l/s
Pressure range-atmosphere to below 10-10 mbar depending on gasket material.
Metal seals and quick connector clamps from stock, consult factory for overpressure ratings.
Fittings and adaptors fitted with clamp type flanges as standard
Metal seals and quick release clamps as standard items.
A complete range of fittings and adaptors to other flange types is available.
Weld fittings to suit both metric (European) and imperial (US) tubes.
ISO -K Clamp Flange Connection

(Double Claw Clamp LFC)


Assembly Procedure

1- Locate O-Ring on Centring Ring (Called Centring Seal).

2- Locate Centring Seal in Flange recess.

3- Locate mating ISO Flanges to trap Centring Seal.

4-Tighten nuts evenly and gradually, working in diametrically opposed pairs.

ISO-K and ISO-F Options
ISO-K to ISO-F Bolted
(Rotatable Clamping Collar LFCC)
ISO-K to ISO-F Bolted
(Double Claw Clamp LFCB)
ISO-F Bolted to ISO-F Bolted
(Fixed Flanges LFBB)
IS0-K to ISO-F Tapped
(Rotatable Clamping Collar LFCC)
ISO-K to ISO-F Tapped
(Clamping Bolt LFCB)
ISO-F Bolted to ISO-F Tapped
(Fixed Flanges LFBB)

ISO-Without Centring Ring
ISO-K to Tapped Base Plate
(Rotatable Clamping Collar LFCC)
ISO-F to Base Plate
(Clamping Bolt LFCBO)
ISO-F Bolted to Tapped Base Plate
(Fixed Flanges LFBB)