Conflat Flange Components
CF flanges mate with any conflat style flanges.
Full range of fixed, rotatable and tapped available.
Self centring with precision 2mm OFHC copper gasket.
All sizes available with metric tapped bolts holes, UNF to order.
Complete range of double sided equal and reducer flanges.
Manufactured from low inclusion 304 stainless steel as standard, 316L available.
Two diametrically opposed machined leak detection grooves included on all flanges.
Temperature range : -196C to +500C .
Pressure range : Atmosphere to <10- mbar.
Non standard and US sizes to order.
Scanwel stock viewports, feedthoughs and other vacuum components.

CF Flange Connection

Assembly Procedure
1- Locate copper gasket in flange knife edge recess.
2- Locate mating CF flange to secure gasket.
3- Attach all nuts, bolts and washers.
4- Hand tighten all bolts.
5-Tighten nuts evenly and gradually, working in diametrically opposed pairs as shown in red.

CF Flange Orientation