NT-MDT AFM systems, AFM-Raman systems, TERS Systems, SPM

NT-MDT AFM systems, AFM-Raman systems, TERS Systems, SPM

With over 250 employees based in their headquarters in Zelenograd close to Moscow, NT-MDT has 20 years experience in the SPM market. The company has over 2000 installations across 59 countries, and their broad range of products for SPM cover a wide range of different applications, requirements and budget ranges. NT-MDT strives for next-generation SPM technology, and has moved towards a modularity that allows a university or industrial lab to start with a cost-effective core product and build up to a multi-user facility with many applications and imaging modes. A key development is the combination of SPM with related technologies that has resulted in nanotomography and spectroscopy-based instruments that meld the world of imaging with the world of chemical analysis. NT-MDT believes passionately in pushing the envelope for rapid innovation while still delivering superb customer service.



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NT-MDT product line


A cutting edge instrument designed for automated study of sample arrays. Up to 200×200 mm and 40 mm in height samples can be imaged at any point with 1 µm positioning accuracy. With built-in acoustic and vibration isolation, active temperature stabilisation, industry lowest 25 fm/√Hz optical beam deflection sensor noise and unique design of tip-scanning system, this AFM is designed for routine high resolution imaging.

Titanium AFM System

Designed for the highest resolution imaging, Titanium is a highly automated AFM system equipped with integrated optics, automated laser alignment and state of the art low noise electronics and scanner technology,. The Titanium system incorporates NT-MDT’s HybriD mode technology for clear quantitative results in nano-mechanical research, as well as the Revolution Cartridge, a unique automated, point and click cantilever exchange system based on special cartridges with 38 probes on each. The system is also capable of mounting conventional AFM cantilevers for ultimate flexibility

AFM-Raman systems (NTEGRA Spectra & Spectrum)

Simultaneously measured AFM and Raman maps of exactly the same sample area provide complementary information about sample physical properties (AFM) and chemical composition (Raman). NTEGRA Spectra II with the help of Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS) enables the system to perform spectroscopy/microscopy with nanometre scale resolution. Specially prepared AFM probes (nanoantennas) can be used for TERS to enhance and localize light at the nanometer scale area near the tip apex. More than 30 basic and advanced AFM modes including HybriD ModeTM are supported providing extensive information about the sample surface physical properties. Integration of AFM with confocal Raman/fluorescence microscopy provide the widest range of additional information about the sample.


The NT-MDT NEXT AFM system is a provides full provides motorized sample positioning and integrated high resolution optical microscope positioning, motorized continuous zoom and focusing of the optical microscope. But AFM automation is more than just motorization. Powerful Nova PX software algorithms remove a gap between optics and AFM providing continuous zoom from huge panoramic optical view down to atomic resolution.

Since all step movers are coupled together with the optical image, NEXT provides autofocus, fast one-click cantilever alignment, panoramic optical view and multiple scanning on 5×5 mm range


The NTEGRA AFM platform is the most customisable AFM in the NT-MDT range. The device is capable of performing more than 40 measuring modes, enabling the analysis of surface physical and chemical properties with high precision and resolution. It is possible to carry out experiments in air, as well as in liquids and in controlled environment (gas, humidity, high-vacuum, controlled temperature). Accessories include magnetic field generators, a wide range of liquid and electrochemical cells. The new generation electronics provides operation at high-frequency (up to 5MHz) modes, enabling the use of high-frequency AFM modes and cantilevers.

Since all step movers are coupled together with the optical image, NEXT provides autofocus, fast one-click cantilever alignment, panoramic optical view and multiple scanning on 5×5 mm range

Solver Nano

The Solver Nano is a compact AFM system designed to give a good range of features for a competitive price. Designed by the NT-MDT team that also created high performance, field-proven systems like Ntegra, NEXT and Spectra, the system
is equipped with a professional 100 micron CL (closed loop XYZ) piezotube scanner with low noise capacitance sensors and is capable of a wide range of imaging modes.