Custom Vacuum Fabrications, Pumping Connectors, Deposition Chambers

Custom Fabrications

Every day Scanwel produces vacuum fabrication to customers drawings, ranging in complexity from simple pumping connectors and adapter to complete analysis and deposition chambers.

A hand drawn sketch is usually sufficient for a simple fabrication; if required we can provide full CAD Engineering drawings for your approval prior to manufacture.

The drawings for these synchrotron beam line chambers and custom components were supplied electronically by the customer and after review by Scanwel engineers, subsequently modified to incorporate better practices

Deposition Chambers can be supplied either with water cooling channels, or constructed as a complete double skinned vessel

This customer wanted a custom flange manufactured according to their drawing with several D-Type electrical feedthroughs from  Solid Sealing Technology

Detail on the welds on one of the many custom chambers we manufacture in-house

Attention to detail at all steps of the production process means that you can carry out system integration with confidence.

You are secure in the knowledge that:

  • We made the correct choice of materials, based on years of experience of working with the full range of vacuum compatible metals and insulators.
  • The design was checked for the best practice and suitability for function.
  • The machining was carried out by competent engineers on modern machinery.
  • The welding practices followed were to UHV standards by approved welders.
  • Effective yet environmentally friendly cleaning procedures were employed.
  • Leak checking was carried out to 10-¹¹ mbar l/s sensitivity on non contaminating state of the art equipment; usually turbo pumped helium mass spectrometers, but on request a quadruple residual gas analyser