Anasys: NEW tapping AFM-IR mode delivers 10nm Infrared imaging -

Anasys Instruments is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new nanoIR mode that provides unparalleled spatial resolution for chemical imaging down to 10nm, and addresses a wider range of material science research, including polymers, failure analysis, pharmaceuticals, inorganic materials and beyond.

The new patented Tapping AFM-IR mode combines Anasys’ AFM-IR resonance enhanced technique with tapping mode operation. Tapping AFM-IR is available on both the new nanoIR2-FS with FASTspectra, as well as on the multi-purpose nanoIR2-S that combines IR scattering SNOM and our award winning AFM-IR on a single platform.

Tapping AFM-IR demonstrates sub 10 nm imaging resolution on block co-polymer substrate of PS/PMMA, as shown in cross-section.

Learn more about Tapping AFM-IR here.